Brown leather bag on a yellow background with some cosmetic products in it

Travel essentials you should never travel without

The ultimate travel checklist

You’re happily sitting in the car on your way to the airport for your upcoming holiday, when you suddenly realize, that things you had planned to take with you in your toiletry case never actually made their way to your suitcase! I mean, let’s be honest! It has happended to everyone, but, in order to prevent this from happening again, we have prepared for you the ultimate travel checklist with skincare and makeup essentials for your spring and summer excursions! Come, pack with me!

Skincare essentials

Moisturizing is an integral part of our everyday routine. However, especially during the summer months our skin is even thirstier and needs sun protection, as well as deep after sun hydration. For that reason, make sure you pack all the essentials for a spring-summer short trip:

❤ Moisturizer (cream / serum or both)
❤ Eye cream
❤ Makeup Remover
❤ Toner & night cream
❤ Body Shower & Body Cream
❤ Deodorant

Our tips:
Tip Nr. 1: Use a Body Mist after shower for extra hydration and a pleasant aroma
Tip Nr. 2: Face masks, like these ones from Apivita, can save you a lot of space.

Summer products on yellow background (sunglasses, sunscreen and bronzer)
Hair Care essentials

If you are going to stay at a hotel, normally you don’t have to take with you shampoos and co. However, if like me, you rely on specific hair care products even during your holidays, then here is your checklist:

❤ Shampoo
❤ Hair mask (you can probably leave conditioner behind for a few days)
❤ Hair Spray
❤ Dry Shampoo
❤ Brushes

Choose hair spray and dry shampoo in travel sizes. You can find them in your nearest drugstore. For Shampoo and hairmasks I usually use reusable small containers , which I fill in with my preferred products, every time before I travel.

For those who stay faithful to heat styling:
❤ Hair dryer
❤ Hair straightener and / or
❤ Curling Wand

Tip: Hair protection from the sun: Red Wine Sunscreen for hair from Korres

Hair accessoires: During the holidays you may not always have time for styling or you may want to avoid heat styling. For this reason hair accessories like
❤ Straw hats,
❤ Hair bands and
❤ Hair pins can be your best friends!

Toiletry bag with skincare and makeup products in travel size

Make Up essentials

Make-up is quite a personal thing, so it would be hard to make a checklist that covers everyone’s needs. However, here are my must-have make-up products for travelling – if possible in travel sizes.

❤ Primer
❤ Make up, Concealer & Correctors & Brushes or Beauty Blender
❤ Bronzer & Brush
❤ Blush & Brush
❤ Highlight & Brush
❤ Powder and / or fixing spray
❤ An eyeshadow palette that you can you for all your looks & Brushes
❤ Eyeliner
❤ Mascara
❤ Eyebrow product
❤ Lipliners – Lipsticks – Lipglosses

I don’t think you can go wrong with this list. Of course everyone can customize it according to their needs, but keeping in mind that space in suitcase is always limited, don’t overdo it by packing more than you actually need for just a few days of holidays.

A brown leather bag with travel size essentials that are moving and getting out of the bag

Last but not least

❤ Tweezers
❤ Scissors

And don’t forget:
❤ Whenever you come acrosssome travel size products for free, keep them for these moments that you will really need them. This way you will not have to buy everything new before you travel!

❤ You can actually keep these products already in your cosmetic bag. This way, you will not be using the travel size products, while you are at home. In addition, your toiletry bag will be almost ready before you travel. You will just have to add the products that you use every day!