Natura Siberica black norther soap for deep facial cleansing

Natura Siberica Northern Soap for deep facial cleansing

The Natura Siberica Northern Soap for deep facial cleansing is rich in precious oils and vitamins. Enriched with herbs and berries from Northern Siberia and featuring highly absorbent activated carbon will remove all impurities and leave your skin super clean!

Why we like it:

❤ Rich in valuable oils and vitamins
❤ Vegan
❤ Suitable for all skin types and ages

How to use it:

❤ Wet the soap sponge with water
❤ Take a small quantity of the soap with the sponge and apply it gently on dry  face
❤ Repeat until the whole face is covered. Avoid the eye area and the lips
❤ If you have dry / sensitive skin remove immediately after applying. Otherwise you can leave it on for five minutes
❤ Rinse your face with warm water and remove all traces of the soap
❤ Wash the sponge

Recommended use: once or twice a week

Rating: 5/5

Would I recommend it?: Yes
Would I repurchase?: Yes

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