Sophia Kinsella Book "I owe you one"

I owe you one, by Sophie Kinsella

“I always pay off my debts,”he says at last, coming towards me. “Always.” He holds out the sleeve and I see that he’s written on it:

I owe you one
Redeemable in perpetuity.


Few words about the book:

Fixie Farr knows how to put things right. It’s how she got her nickname, after all. She feels she should always fix everything, her mother’s shop, her brother’s behaviour, her sister’s relationship with her husband. For her family is above all. But there will come a moment when she has to fix things for herself. This is the moment when Fixie has to show who she really is and what she can really do.

The character of Fixie:

Fixie knows how to care. She knows how to be by her family and even when she herself feels lost she still finds a way to show her caring feelings for them. In the beginning she is vulnerable, weak, silent but in the end she overcomes her fears and speaks up for her and for everything that her mother trusted her to protect.


My favorite scene:

The moment Fixie meets Briony after her skating performance:
“Nice skating”, she says, shooting me daggers. “Didn’t know you were such a pro.”
And I know I shouldn’t, I know I shouldn’t…but I can’t help myself.
“Yeah, well, I say, and give Briony exactly the same pitying look that she gave me in the hospital. “I kind of think if you ‘re not going to do it properly, you shouldn’t even try?”


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My thoughts:

Did it make me laugh? Not that much as other books from Sophie Kinsella
Did it make me cry? I didn’t expect it, but as I read the last pages I got really emotional
Did the story grips you? Not that much in the beginning, but later yes
Would I recommend it? For sure

The author:

Sophie Kinsella: is an international bestselling writer. She is the author of many number one bestsellers, including the hugely popular Shopaholic series. She lives in London with her husband and family.

Rating: 4 /5

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