Burger club sandwich with pickled cucumber sauce

Greek Burger Club Sandwich

If you love both burgers and club sandwiches this greek burger club sandwich with pita bread is the perfect idea for buffet finger-food. For the greek burger club sandwich with pita bread you will need greek pita breads, burger patties and a pickled cucumber sauce that I am sure you will love. I have created this recipe, as an idea for a football evening at home, since I am sure men would love it. You can, however use it for any buffet or party you are organising. So let’s start:

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For the burger patties you will need:
400 gr. minced meat (for 2 burgers)
Dry mint – oregano – salt – black pepper – red pepper
Ketchup – Mustard – Olive oil

For the pickled cucumber sauce you will need:
200 gr. pickled cucumbers

You will also need:
Pita breads
Ketchup and
some green salad


1. Mix all the ingredients for the patties and form burgers that are a little bigger than the bread you are going to use for the club sandwiches 2. Form the patties, brush them with some oil and bake them in the oven
3. Prepare the sauce by cutting the cucumbers into small pieces and mixing with the mayonnaise and the mustard.
TIP: Make sure that the cucumbers do not have any liquids, otherwise the sauce will not have the right consistency. If necessary remove any excess with some paper towel.
4. Create the club sandwich: Put some ketchup in the inner side of the pita bread. Add the salad, the patty and the sauce. Add some mustard and close with a pie bread.
5. Cut into triangles and serve with some fries. Your greek burger club sandwich is ready!


Football evening buffet at home with greek burger club sandwich

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