Easter Bunny muffins

Easter bunny muffins

Are you already looking for some recipes for your Easter buffet or table? How about these cute Easter bunny muffins? You can use any muffin recipe you want. I have used some ready to make vanilla muffins, so that I can concentrate my efforts and time on decorating them. You can find the cookie recipe below and the video will lead you through all the steps. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions. So, let’S start with our Easter bunny muffins.

STEP 1: Bake your muffins and let them cold
STEP 2: Cover your muffins with white fondant
STEP 3: Prepare your cookies. Here you can find a detailed video for how to make your cookie dough
STEP 4: Decorate your cookies with fondant
STEP 5: Add the final details to your Easter bunny muffins

Basic cookie dough

250 g butter
200 g sugar
1 Vanilla
1 egg
460 – 500 g flour
For the sugar glue:
caster sugar & water

1. Hit the butter until it gets soft
2. Add the sugar and one vanilla
3. Add the egg
4. Add the flour until you have a nice mixture
5. Form the dough in big balls with your hands
❤ At this point you can freeze your dough and use it whenever you want
6. Open the dough with a rolling pin and cut any shape you like with cutter
7. Bake for 10-15 min. based on the size of your cookies (180°C)
8. If you want to use fondant, open it and cut it in the same shape with the cookies.
To stick the fondant on the cookies make a “sugar glue”. Mix some caster sugar with some water until you have a gluey texture.

Decorate them with some final details and here you go! Your Easter bunny muffins are ready!

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