A table with brunch at home such as eggs with bacon and sausage, scrumbled eggs and marmelade

Brunching at home

If you are a brunch lover then we are sure you will enjoy reading this post. Sundays are made for brunching, right? But why not prepare your brunch at home for a change? With some easy and fast recipes your table will look pretty elegant and you will definitely satisfy your guests! So, let’s go brunching at home!

Eggs with bacon and sausage

–> For this recipe we are using greek rural style sausage, eggs and bacon.

Start by cleaning the sausages from its skin and put it in the oven for around 10 minutes before starting preparing the eggs.
Put the slices of bacon. in a non-stick pan without any fat and let them cook. If your pan is big enough add some oil and break the eggs into it. Otherwise remove the bacon from the pan, add some oil, break the eggs and let them fry for a few minutes depending how hard you want them. At the same time take the sausage from the oven and add it to the pan. Let it bake for a few minutes from each side until it takes a nice color!
Season your eggs with salt and pepper.

Eggs with bacon and rural style greek sausage on a white table

Greek scramble eggs – Strapatsada

Ingredients: 3 eggs, 1 green long paprika, 1 tomato without its juice, 120gr feta cheese, oregano and some milk

In a bowl mix the eggs with some salt and 3 tablespoons of milk. This will give your scramble an even better texture.
With a spoon remove from the tomato its juice and cut its skin into small pieces.
Into a large pan add some oil and let it heat up. Once it is ready add the green paprika cut in small cubes and let it stir for a few minutes, until it is soft but not black!
Pour in the beaten eggs and mix well with a wooden spoon.
As soon as they start getting hard, add the tomato and the feta cheese.

Serve while still warm and add some oregano

Greek style scramble eggs - Strapatsada

Fresh bread, butter, honey and jam

Don’t forget to add some fresh bread on the table and good quality honey as well as jam

Yoghurt with honey and fruit

 For those who would like to avoid the extra calories, make sure to have some greek yoghurt with fruit. Extra honey, cinammon and nuts is also a good idea.

If you also want to prepare something sweet, find here an easy and fast recipe for a delicious homemade cake! We hope we gave you some nice ideas for easy recipes! Enjoy your brunching at home!

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