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Advent Calendar – Is the magic still there?

Unboxing on Youtube
Some days ago, while watching videos on YouTube I came across a Video of a german YouTuber, who was unboxing an Advent Calendar. It was one of these lazy Sunday evenings on the sofa. Since I had nothing better to do and I knew, that I wouldn’t buy this Calendar, I watched the video. Well, it was funny and relaxing. As soon as it was over, I noticed, that there were some more videos from the same Youtuber, who was unboxing even more Advent Calendars. This is how, I started watching the one after the other, skipping some parts, but still not believing what I was watching.

And I am wondering…
Yes, I kept on watching, but with a big questionmark on my face. I had so many questions.
? How can somebody buy more than 30 Advent Calendars, actually almost every Advent Calendar that is available in the german market.
? Why do you even need 30 Advent Calendars?
? And then where ist he joy of unboxing all of it at once, in 15 minutes?

Isn’t it about the anticipation, the surprise, the desire to come back home as soon as possible to see what is your gift? Isn’t it about this feeling of becoming a kid again? A feeling that wakes up so many nice memories and emotions.

… is the magic still there?
Obviously, it is not anymore. I understand that brands want to show their new products and YouTubers are there to do that. I also agree with the fact that they want to unbox some of the products, so that you have an idea what more or less to expect.

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But I want to remain a kid. I don’t want to know what is inside my Advent Calendar. I still want to anticipate, to desire, to be surprised, to feel. I don’t give in…I opt for the 24-Day-Countdown over the 15-min pleasure. And you?

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