A podless coffee maker, two glass containers and reusable lunchboxes on a table

9 ways to use less plastic in everyday life

The last months I have been trying to find ways to limit the use of plastic in my everyday life. So, I decided to share with you some every day habits that I have adopted, which are stylish and the most important environmental friendly.

1. Reusable lunchboxes

I generally like preparing meals at the weekend and for this reason also using reusable lunchboxes. There is such a great variety from lunchboxes to choose from, which can really make your day. By using lunchboxes, you avoid excessive use of one-time plastic packaging. In addition, you save money!

2. Podless coffee maker

We recently replaced our capsule coffee maker with a podless one. Ground coffee is planet friendly, because there is no plastic involved and it is of course cheaper than buying pods. The coffee is very tasty and you can control its strength!

3.Glass bottles

Another thing regarding drinking is buying and using your own bottle of water. Wash it after every use it and reuse it. This way, you avoid buying plastic water bottles.

4. No straws at all or metallic/ biodegradable ones

Ask yourself if you really need to use a straw. If yes, opt for metallic or biodegradable ones.

5. Reusable shopping bags

Avoid using plastic shopping bags. In order to be sure that you always have a reusable one with you, leave one in the car or in your purse. This way you will always have one with you, when you go for some last minute shopping

6. Buy fresh products that do not come in extra packaging

Avoid buying products that are three times packed in plastic. In contrast go for fresh fruit and vegetables, buy ham, cheese and meat directly from the deli and choose products in glass bottles nad containers instead of the plastic ones.

7. Recycle as much as possible

and check brands that have recycling programs. I usually tend to participate at these recycling programs from &Other Stories and L’Occitane.

8. Buy reusable food storage bags

or use glass containers for keeping food in the fridge or freezer

9. Use biodegradable bamboo cotton swabs

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