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7 Tips to better organize your everyday routines

Have you ever thought that even on days with a tight schedule you can still save time, just by incorporating some small organisation tips into your everyday habits? Because we are persuaded these extra minutes can make a big difference here are for you the 7 tips to better organize your everyday routines

Morning skincare and beauty routine
  1. Put your skincare routine products in a toiletry bag, separately from all the other cosmetic or skincare products that you don’t need in the morning. You can also put them in a specific drawer or shelf. The most important thing is that they are all together in the room where you generally get ready for work. Make sure to clean up and tidy this shelf / drawer / toiletry bag often enough, so that it is not clattered with things that you don’t use and just get into your way.
  2. Do the same with the products you use for your go-to make-up.
  3. If you don’t have a go-to make-up look and a specific morning skincare routine take some time and create one. You can’t imagine how much time this can save you in the morning. 10 minutes before you leave for work is not the best time to experiment with your eyeliner! Once you have created your routines store all the products together, so that you don’t lose time searching for a specific pencil or lipstick
Outfit preparation
  1. Prepare your handbag in the evening. Looking for your keys for example can cost you a lot of time if you don’t always have them in the same place. Check your schedule, see if you need something special to take with you and make sure your bag is ready for the morning.
  2. Do the same with your outfit for the next morning. Take the clothes you are going to wear out of your wardrobe. Make sure they are steamed and think on the accessories, the shoes and underwear you have to combine them with. This way, by having your skincare, beauty routine, outfit and bag ready you save a lot of time, which means sleeping longer or being at the office earlier.
  1. Always make a shopping list: If you plan to go shopping after work create a shopping list with the exact things you need to buy. If you commute to work, do that in the train, otherwise take some minutes before you go to the supermarket. This way, you know exactly what you are going to shop and to start with, you save time while secondly you save money, by avoiding buying things that you don’t need.
Evening routine
  1. Set a time for your evening routine. If you are generally lazy and you know that after coming to the sofa you will never get up, then fix a time for your evening routine. This can be for example 20 min. before your favorite Series starts or before you start watching a movie. Now you don’t have an excuse!

Organising the small everyday routines can save us a lot of time that we can spend with our family, friends or for ourselves. And the most important? It helps us be in a good mood and be more productive and efficient during the day. These were our 7 tips to better organize your everyday routines! Let us know in the comments below if you are already using any of them or which one you would like to adopt.

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