A nostalgic picture of an Advent Calendar in a caroussel form

24+ Advent calendar ideas

How to fill these magic 24 numbers! Have you decided to create your own advent calendar and still struggling to find 24 gifts? Our 24+ Advent calendar list is here to rescue you and help you prepare everything on time!

1. Christmas at home

For those who still believe in the Magic of Christmas, Christmas figures, tree ornaments or candles are always a nice idea. Add some hot chocolate mixture or pralines and a bottle of wine and there you go! A perfect Christmas evening at home!

Ideas for Advent Calendar presents

1. Snowman (4,99€) 2. Christmas tree Baubble (3,99€) 3. Christmas mug (2,99€) 4. Hot chocolate (2,99€)

2. Because it’s cold outside

For those who enjoy staying at home, go for the perfect pair of socks or slippers. For the sexy girls there are always some naughty panties and for the courageous ones opt for gloves and a cap.

3. Glam it up!

Women always need some glam and sparkle. So, don’t forget to include something that will glam this advent calendar up, like a pair of earrings or a bracelet!

Advent calendar DIY Shopping Ideas

5. Socks (12€) 6. Christmas briefs (5,99€) 7. Gloves (5,99€) 8. Christmas tree earrings (4,90€)

4. Care for me ❤

A lip balsam for our dry lips and a hand creme for our dry hands. An extra face mask will never harm. For a luxurious bath experience a shower gel in a travel size and some bath bombs or bubbles for extra relaxation.

5. Let me shine

For the make-up lovers a nail polish in a beautiful red, a lipstick or some glittery eye shadow are some great ideas

6. Organize me

Obsessed with organizing everything? A 2020 agenda, a lunch box or an organising box are just some nice ideas:

Shopping Ideas for filling in an advent calendar

9. Hand Lotion (12,50€) 10. Hand cream (6,00€) 11. Bath bomb (5,50€) 12. Agenda 2020 (12,90€)

7. Be there for me

Include Gift cards from their favorite stores or create your own personalized gift cards and offer your beloved ones a unique experience. If you don’t cook often for them, give them a Gift card for a home-made dinner at home or if you don’t have enough time for each other a Gift Card for a nice walk in the city.

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8. … and give me something special ‍

I think it’s always nice to include some personal gifts, like photos from a holiday you spent together, a Christmas card with some nice words or something handmade that you have specially created for this person.

And for the final touches: …add a lot of love and magic Christmas dust