24+ Advent calendar ideas (Men’s Edition)

How to fill these magic 24 numbers! Have you decided to create your own advent calendar and still struggling to find 24 gifts? Our 24+ Advent calendar list – Mens Edition, is here to rescue you and help you prepare everything on time!

1. Christmas at home

For the perfect Christmas evening at home go for aromatic candles, a small bottle of wine, or a beer bell!!,  a Christmas mug and some tea. Of course chocolate is always a good idea!

Advent calendar ideas for men

1.  Yankee Candle (28,10€) 2. Beer Bell (4,99€) 3. Christmas mug (4,95€) 4. Christmas Tea (4,95€)

2. Because it’s cold outside

For those who enjoy staying at home, go for the perfect pair of socks or slippers, while for the courageous ones opt for gloves and a cap.

Ideas for an advent calendar for men

5. Socks (2,99€) 6. Christmas hipsters (9,95€) 7. Gloves (12,99€) 8. Bobble Hat (15,00€)

3. Care for me ❤

Who said that men don’t need some extra skin care? A face cream, a face cleansing and an extra deodorant will never harm. For a luxurious bath experience include a shower gel in travel size and some bath bombs or bubbles for extra relaxation.

4. Organize me

Obsessed with organizing everything? A 2020 Agenda, a card holder or a wash bag will bring for sure some joy to the 24-Day-Countdown:

DIY Advent calendar for men

9. Bath bomb (2,00€) 10. After shave (13,00€) 11. Wash bag (4,20€) 12. Notebook (7,00€)

5. Be there for me

Include Gift cards from their favorite stores or create your own personalized gift cards and offer your beloved ones a unique experience. If you don’t cook often for them, give them a Gift card for a home-made dinner at home or if you don’t have enough time for each other a Gift Card for a nice walk in the city.

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6. … and give me something special ‍

I think it’s always nice to include some personal gifts, like photos from a holiday you spent together, a Christmas card with some nice words or something handmade that you have specially created for this person.

And for the final touches: …add a lot of love and magic Christmas dust

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