The Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood

13 Tips for visiting the Universal Studios Hollywood

Are you planning a visit at the Universal Studios Hollywood? We have for you the best tips to make your visit easy to plan and unforgettable! Set your seatbelts and enjoy!


Plan your visit:

  1. Buy your tickets online
  2. Consider buying Express Tickets: One of the best things you can do is buy an express ticket. It costs a little bit more than the normal pass, but it will save you a lot of time. Otherwise you will have to wait in line to reach each ride. Especially if you plan a one-day-visit and you want to see as many attractions as possible, an Express Ticket is a great idea.
  3. Download the Mobile App: This way you can check the map, see wait times in real time and plan your day your way
  4. Create your plan: While at the park you should be flexible to change your plan, but make sure you have an idea, which Rides are a the ones that you wouldn’t like to miss.
  5. Be prepared: Wear comfortable shoes and bring with you sunscreen, water and maybe a second t-shirt, since in some cases you will get wet



6. If you decide to arrive by car, the Universal Studios offer a lot of Parking Options. The front Gate Parking and Frankestein Parking are the best options, if you don’t want to be as close to the Studios as possible.

A strret that leads to Universal Studios and a Building with a Minion


7. Make sure you are informed about the hours the Studios are open. In summer the opening hours are longer and you can probably manage to do more things. The Studios open at 9:00 am. If you are willing to wait some time, we suggest that you are already there between 8:00and 8:15am and here are the reasons why:
8. Experience the Studios while empty: You will have the possibility to take some really nice photos at the entrance and also in the studios since there are not that many people around at this time. Photos without other people around in your photos will be almost impossible after 11:00 am.
9. Early Admission: Once some people are gathered at the entrance, at around 8:15 they open the doors. At this time you’ll have the possibility to enjoy “Early Park Admission” for a specific Ride. We were able to see the “Wizarding World of Harry Potter”, which is a Highlight and the wait time can otherwise be really long.

Harry Potter Train at Universal Studios Hollywood

While at the Studios:

10. Highlights: Don’t miss: “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter”, “The World- Famous Studio Tour”      “Transformers” and “Revenge of the Mummy”.
11. The Studios have two levels. Try to organize and finish the rides at each level separately, so that you can avoid spending time to move from the one level to the other.
12. At each level you will be able to find locker facilities to leave your things for 1,30 – 2 hours for free. After that the cost is 5$ per hour.
13. Food inside the Studios  is quite expensive. It’s better to have a bite at the Universal City Walk, which offers    a lot of different options at better prices. Just remember if you have to go back to the Studios, you’ll have to pass through Security check again. For this reason avoid doing it during the rush hours. City Walk is open until late. Thats why it would be a nice way to finish your visit at the Hollywood Studios with a nice dinner or a movie at the Universal Cinema.

Watch the Video of the Famous Studio Tour here!

Springfield at Universal Studios Hollywood

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