11 Best Things to do in Liège

A weekend in Liège (Belgium) and the 11 best things to do and see.

In the East of Belgium, 33 km from Netherlands and 53km from Aachen (Germany) in the valley of the Meuse, is located the capital of the municipality of Liège, Liège.
The city with the 200.000 inhabitants belongs to the French-speaking Walloon region of Belgium and impresses with its historical monuments from the Medieval Times as well as with its modern architectural treasures and works of art. In our Guide you will find a lot of tips for the best things to see and do in Liège, as well as the best places to eat.

L'Impasse des Ursulines in Liège Belgium
Impasse des Ursulines


Montagne de Bueren

Start your day by climbing the Montagne de Bueren, a 374-step staircase. The staircase is named after Vincent de Bueren, who defended Liège against an attack by the Duke of Burgundy Charles the Bold on October 29th, 1468. It was built in 1881 to honour the 600 soldiers who died in the battle.
It will take a bit of effort to climb all 374 steps, but the view is definitely worth it.

A girl posing in front of the Montange de Bueren, a 374 step staircase in Liège, Belgium
Montagne de Bueren

L’Impasse des Ursulines

Before you leave the area explore “L’Impasse des Ursulines” an alley linking the Montagne de Bueren to rue Pierreuse and Palais street crossing the Coteaux de la Citadelle. If the weather allows it enjoy a cold, blond beer – Curtius- at the Terrasse of Brasserie C. For the cold days a hot chocolate is highly recommended!

The alley Impasse des Ursulines in Liège, Belgium
Impasse des Ursulines

Guillemins Railway Station

If you arrive in Liège by train, you will have the possibility to admire the breath-taking architectural building designed by Santiago Calatrava.


For the Museum lovers here are the main Museums to visit in Liège: La Boverie (Musée des Beaux-Arts), Museum of Walloon Life and The Grand Curtius Museum, which is an elegantly furnished mansion from the 17th century.


The windowshopping from the bakery "Une Gaufrette Saperlipopette" in Liège with a lot of Waffles
Gaufre at “Une Gaufrette Saperlipopette”

Waffles – Gaufre

Belgium is famous for its Waffle – Gaufre and in Liège you can find a lot of great bakeries that offer freshly made ones. We loved the ones from the Maitre Patissier – Boulanger Shamp at the Rue de la Régence.
If in addition to some great Waffles with Cinnamon you want to try the greatest Marshmallows or some Boules de Coco, then visit the “Une Gaufrette Saperlipopette” It can be that there is a long line waiting outside the store, but it is worthwhile the wait. And after that much sugar and a lot of energy you are ready to explore the city!

Marschmellows und Boules de Coco from the bakery "Une Gaufrette Saperlipopette"
Une Gaufrette Saperlipopette
Cakes decorated with apples and various fruit in the bakery Shamp in Liege, Belgium
Maitre Boulanger – Patissier Shamp

“Au Point De Vue”

If you want to dive into the typical “Cuisine liégeoise“ then visit the Brasserie Au Point de Vue, with a long tradition from 1971. There is a wide variety of main dishes to choose from, but Boulets à la Liégeoise is our recommendation.

Traditional Boulets à la liégeoise at the Restaurant "Au Point de Vue" in Liège Belgium
Boulets a la Liegeoise

Dinner ” I Giardini”

Great Italian kitchen in the middle of an inner Garden. Try the Fondue de Parmesan, also typical in the area and enjoy a nice Italian pizza. Finish your meal with a Caffe Gourmand.

Coffee served with three small sweets as Cafe Gourmand at "Il Giardini" Restaurant in Liege, Belgium
Cafe Gourmand at “Il Giardini” Restaurant

La Frite

Belgium is also famous for the fries. You will be able to taste the famous Belgian fries in almost every Restaurant, but if you just want to take some for take-away, then go to “La Fritte”. The fries are really tasty and you can choose among a lot of different sauces.

A small portion of fries served with mayo at the Restaurant "La Frite" in Liege, Belgium
Fries at “La Frite”



In the modern city you will find all the well-known stores, as well as shopping malls, such as Les Galeries St. Lambert und  Fnac . If you are, however, more interested in small gastronomic treasures, then head to the Rue St. Paul. It’s really amazing, what you can find here, from freshly-made local specialties to hand-made charcuteries. In the same street, which leads down to St. Paul Cathedral you can buy some of the famous Leonidas Pralines.
Another place that is worthwhile your visit is the Passage Lemonnier, in which you can find “La Maison Jean-Marie Massepain” famous for their marzipan!

Windowshopping from la Boucherie at the Street St. Paul
La Boucherie

Walk down the river

Enjoy a nice walk down the River Meuse where you can also have some beautiful pictures. If the weather allows it explore the parks and boulevards along the River, such as the Jardin Botanique or the Parc de la Boverie.

The River Meuse in Liège, Belgium
River Meuse

Liège by night

A great way to finish your day and take some nice memories with you: Visit “Pot au Lait” the most incredible pub in the burning city, a place with great history and with a modern flair.

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